29 September 2017

Totto-Chan - Gadis Cilik di Jendela (The Little Girl at the Window) Review

Hello again world! Yassss finally I am back with a book review. God. It feels like ages. Life seems tough lately, so maybe you guys think I don't have time to read any book at all? Ha. Luckily, I finally picked this book from the nearest book store months ago, after seeing it around for sooo many years... Where have I been? I know. I always thought ‘oh I want to buy it, the book looks so cute..’, but I don’t know why I never actually bought it until recently. 

So, without further do, let’s move on to the review. 


The full name of the book is 'Totto-Chan The Little Girl at the Window' (or in Bahasa, Totto-Chan Gadis Cilik di Jendela). The writer, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, fondly called "Totto-chan" by her parents and childhood friends, is today a successful television personality in Japan. The book starts by telling of Totto-chan's expelling from her previous school, when she was only in grade one, because of her childhood naughtiness. Totto-chan, who was labeled as a troublemaker by her teacher, was forced to leave school. Her anxious but kindhearted mother then took her to Tomoe Gakuen, a school ran by headmaster Sosaku Kobayashi, who had utterly different views on schooling than the other educators of his time. It is just a matter of very short time until Totto-chan realize what a different and interesting school Tomoe Gakuen would be. 

                                                                                              (Spoiler alert!)


I wrote this "Airport" piece probably a month ago and this is probably the longest post I've ever finished due to the process. If you notice, I am always a moody writer. Sometimes I didn't like what I wrote. Sometimes it takes a lot of mood, changing mood actually, to finish one writing and most of the times I just let it "dormant" until I feel like or remember to post it. Well this one has gotten into its time, I guess. 

picture is from here

I always love airport.

Airport is without doubt one of my favorite places in the world. It feels like home. You know what they say, when you tend to wander in daily basis, the journey itself is your home. And for me airport is not about destination; it's about the journey. When I travel alone, I love to hang in the airport's bookstore, or simply sipping a tea while watching people passing by. I never feel bored, I do love to observe things and let my imagination fly anywhere. I love the smell of airport, the hectic moments, the quiet moments, everything. Being a melancholic, sometimes I build this image in my head about the "ideal" places to meet my future partner. And I always debate whether it will be bookstore or airport. The later wins. I think nothing is more romantic than to meet somebody special in a place where all the meetings and goodbyes happens.

04 May 2017

Java Jazz 2017 & Bandung-Jogja Trip

Can I just say how much I love traveling with cool people? What I mean by “cool” defines the same chemistry I have with those people when it comes to travel together. Lol. Believe me, you can be very wrong on choosing your travel mate. Whether it is the different traveling budget of each person, the route that each of you want to take, or simply just the different “traveling style” (for example, you are more an adventure type who likes to see the nature as much as possible, and your fella is more a shopping-monster; whose itinerary is full of the best shopping locations). Well of course it’s not always really bad, actually if you can manage to balance those differences you might find a wonderful and new experiences while tasting each other’s itinerary! In my case, I feel so thankful that I had the chance to travel with new people and find the “click” is just there all the time. No arguing, no different itinerary, pure laughter and fun. So here’s my travel journal exploring Bandung and Yogyakarta with three cool chicks.

So initially me and my vocal group friends (Oppy, Herin, and Ery) was planning to watch Java Jazz Festival 2017 in Jakarta. We bought the tickets and make a group chat to talk about it. Aaand suddenly the plan was expanding to be a Bandung-Yogyakarta trip for a week! Yeay.

the squad (left to right: OppyEry, me, and Herin

01 February 2017

Temporary Feelings and Solitude

You know what most frightened thing about life? If you ask me, my answer will be that the fact that in life everything is temporary, but funny thing is, it’s also make everything less scary, because again… everything is just temporary. Every beautiful thing, every happy moment, those are temporary. So does the sad things. 

Growing up, I learn many things about temporary feelings. I don't know about what others think, but I consider myself as a very loyal friend. When I love someone so much, I mean when I think of someone as my best friend that very close to my heart, I'll try my best to keep them around- sometimes there were times I am being too "possesive". As a strongheaded person, I had an ideal perspective on how everyone should treat their friends. When I don't like what I see, I dare to question it; why they've done such things. If I really care about someone, I will love him/her and that's my only motivation why I did and questioned this and that about them. That's why I feel sad about some of people that decided that they will no longer being so "close". I took my lesson and think about it for such a time. Years and years of learning, I did succeeded on discover why some things are just not meant to be. Because feelings are temporary. People grow, we are getting older, season changes, and how could we expect everyone would be the same person as they were in maybe, 10, 5, or 1 year ago? It is a normal thing to change; to have such temporary feelings. I thank God for everything that happened to me. No need to draw them back. It is all lead me to where I am now, and the progression I've been made is a learning from the my mistakes and other people's mistakes in the past. 

04 January 2017

Japan 2016 : How To Arrange My Japan Trip

Osaka Castle

I spent my childhood living with Japanese manga, and until the age of 15 I still read high doses of Japanese comics every day. It has always been a persistent dream to visit Japan someday.

I have been waited for this trip for so long, that I think I was too excited and didn’t plan it out carefully last year. So me and my friends bought the tickets in 2015, but it had to be cancelled due to some exams that I had to take last year. Learning from this experience, then I decided to wait for a time that was right. This is a country I wanted to see whole my life, so I wouldn’t let it slipped out of my fingers again. I hope you enjoy this blog post and it will help you through making your own Japan trip as well!

01 January 2017

Jakarta Dari Balik Helm

foto diambil waktu lagi nge-Gojek (jangan ditiru)

This post brings a nostalgic feeling to me. It's the feeling that puts a smile in your face. The feeling when you know you had a good memory that will lasts forever.

Bulan Februari tahun ini, setelah mengikuti ujian, ada gap waktu sebulan untuk menunggu hasilnya. I took a short holiday in Lombok after that, just 3 days; and I decided to go to Jakarta after that. Di Jakarta banyak keluarga, dan saya berpikir untuk mencoba-coba mencari kesempatan untuk magang di rumah sakit sambil mengisi kekosongan.

Siapa yang menyangka kalo pada akhirnya saya akan tinggal di Jakarta selama hampir 6 bulan?

Saya di Jakarta dari akhir Februari-Mei, pulang ke Makassar sepanjang Juni dan Juli, lalu kembali ke Jakarta di bulan Agustus dan tinggal hingga akhir September.

Waktu-waktu itu tidak terasa, seperi kata orang, saat waktu berlalu cepat berarti kau sangat menikmatinya.

30 July 2016

My Faith Journey: How I Became A Doctor

Since I was a little kid, I always dream to be a designer. Growing up, my "dream-job" list is  getting longer. I wanted to be an architect, a writer, badminton athlete, astronaut, actress, stylist, working in a magazine... Never in my wildest dream I intended to be a doctor.

Life can be so playful sometimes. Until now, I still don't exactly know why I entered med school. One thing I remember; I didn't trust myself that I could finish my engineering school on time due to my laziness and how bad I am on maths (building and structure requires a lot of maths). I decided to retry the  university exam again on the next year. All I knew was, I really wanted to move from Makassar and study abroad; maybe Bandung or Jakarta. But my parents was against my decision and they convince me to try local med school instead. I agreed and.. I got accepted, I didn't even know how it could happened. I was really scared after that. It was flattering; but scary. I didn't know if I could make it. I didn't even like blood for God sake. I didn't get the vibe that maybe most of Indonesian students feels; the euphoria of being med student. I felt like I wanna let go of the chance and go back to my architecture major. I really was not ready to be a new student again and to learn completely new things. 

In the end of day, after a lot of arguments with parents and with myself, especially.. I finally agreed to enter med school. And that's the beginning of everything.