30 July 2016

My Faith Journey: How I Became A Doctor

Since I was a little kid, I always dream to be a designer. Growing up, my "dream-job" list is  getting longer. I wanted to be an architect, a writer, badminton athlete, astronaut, actress, stylist, working in a magazine... Never in my wildest dream I intended to be a doctor.

Life can be so playful sometimes. Until now, I still don't exactly know why I entered med school. One thing I remember; I didn't trust myself that I could finish my engineering school on time due to my laziness and how bad I am on maths (building and structure requires a lot of maths). I decided to retry the  university exam again on the next year. All I knew was, I really wanted to move from Makassar and study abroad; maybe Bandung or Jakarta. But my parents was against my decision and they convince me to try local med school instead. I agreed and.. I got accepted, I didn't even know how it could happened. I was really scared after that. It was flattering; but scary. I didn't know if I could make it. I didn't even like blood for God sake. I didn't get the vibe that maybe most of Indonesian students feels; the euphoria of being med student. I felt like I wanna let go of the chance and go back to my architecture major. I really was not ready to be a new student again and to learn completely new things. 

In the end of day, after a lot of arguments with parents and with myself, especially.. I finally agreed to enter med school. And that's the beginning of everything.

05 July 2016

Cormoran Strike Series ( The Cuckoo's Calling, The Silkworm, Career of Evil) Review

Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series and The Casual Vacancy.

The whole series takes the perspective of an ex-soldier Cormoran Strike, private detective who lost part of a leg in a bombing in Afghanistan. He run a nearly-broke detective agent in London and with the help of his pretty assistant Robin Ellacott, he faces some mysterious cases and juggle with complicated personal life as well. 

Honestly, I started read the books around 3 years ago based by the fact it is written by J.K Rowling alone, under the alias of Robert Galbraith. The lady, seems to be the only author that can make me truly interested in crime stories, because normally they bore me as well as frustrate me (I can’t never seem to guess who the murderer is). And I safely may say; I am never disappointed at all. Reading these three books thou, is somewhat a journey for me. I learn to be loyal. Loyal here means, you know I love Rowling so much, that whatever books she write I will definitely put my eyes into it; no matter what genre it is all about. The first book, The Cuckoo’s Calling wasn’t really impress me. For me it was slow pacing, drifting to irrelevant sub-plots, over detailed filling scenes and repetitive situations, but I was adamant that I should keep at it since it’s Rowling; again, and I am super glad that I did so. The climax was great and making worthy all the effort to read the novel. I like how it was about modelling industry, and after finished the 1st book I decided to give it a next try (on the 2nd book).

04 June 2016

"Dandelion" Concert

So far, 2016 has been so good to me. Especially around these times I’ve been spending in Jakarta, where it’s been three months since I “moved” here to find a better life. 

Mungkin kalo ada yg liat postingan saya belakangan, saya jarang update, tapi sekali posting soal konser, temen-temen saya sampe bilang saya anaknya “hura-hura” banget akhir-akhir ini. Hahah!  Demi apapun enggak. I am that kind of person that goes to concert only on really special event. It means, the musician/event has to be on my planned-list. And with His mercy, I got the chances to watch THREE of them in these three months! Two months ago I (finally) watched Java Jazz Festival. Bayangin aja Java Jazz sudah belasan tahun ada di Indonesia dan baru bisa nonton tahun ini. Trus kemaren, hari Minggu, bisa nonton Joey Alexander yang KEBETULAN main ke Jakarta pas saya lagi ada disini. Dan tadi malam, akhirnya bisa nonton Monita Tahalea, the singer I’ve been loving since 2011. 

warning: most of the photos belongs to Instagram-ers. sorry that I have to borrow it, my phone camera sucks at night

It seems like everything has written in my hand by God. Call me lebay, but the thing is, I ran out of ticket from such a time already. Pengumuman konser Dandelion by Monita Tahalea udah ada sejak beberapa waktu lalu, dan saya memang lengah ga langsung pesan tiketnya. Mungkin kemarin saya bener-bener sibuk jadi ga sempat beli tiketnya. Atau lupa karena udah beli tiket Joey Alexander yang cuma beda seminggu. Akhirnya dua minggu sebelum hari H, liat komen-komenan di IG yang mengeluhkan tiket habis, akhirnya saya pun mengecek semua tempat/web penjualan, dan ternyata beneran abis. Akhirnya sampe mention-mention Monita dan hubungin cp yang dikasih, udah keabisan juga katanya sampe spot lesehan. Sedih banget sih, soalnya saya emang beneran ngefans sama dia dan musiknya dari dulu. Kebeneran, pas saya lagi di Jakarta, eh Monita menggelar konser tunggal perdananya. We’re meant to be! Halah. Singkat cerita, saya tetap ngotot mau nyari tiket, kalo perlu datang on the spot dan membujuk abang-abangnya biar boleh masuk. Selain itu saya juga nyuruh temen saya si Brian si anak gaul Jakarta buat cariin, kali-kali aja ya kan, walau katanya udah habis dimana-mana. Dan, ini kenapa saya bilang Tuhan (selalu) baik, jangan tanya dapat darimana, si Brian berhasil dapat tiketnya. Saya malas nanya dia how? and where?, yang jelas dapat, mari kita pergi menengok Dandelion. Yey.

02 June 2016

When I Met Joey

Everyone remembers the day they met their idol, if of course they ever got the chance to. Few days ago was one of the best thing that ever happened to me.

Almost two years ago, I was browsing through Youtube and accidentally clicking on the suggested channel. I looked at the video title, and he was a kid with a piano, a boy, around 9 or 10. A kid good at piano, is nothing new. So many kids are good at piano. I look on the sidebar of the channel, it filled with videos of his rendition of so many classic jazz anthems. Then I thought, 'Ok, he got me, lets see.'

He sat down on the piano bench, cranked way up, looked at the keyboard, and launched into a tune that turned me upside and down. He not only nailed it, he did it with great stylistic flair.

His name is Joey Alexander, and he's Indonesian.

Flores Sailing Trip

So this is the post that I've been waiting to post for so long. Pardon me that it took months to let u know about my very exciting trip, but I was just stuck on choosing which photos that I SHOULDN'T post. Come on, they are all too good to not-be-posted! So folks, here I present you, my amazing, Flores trip. 

Honestly, I am not really a beach person-type. Yes. Seriously. Sometimes, as an Indonesian, I feel guilty. The reason is simply that I don't like too much sunshine. Being born and raised in the warmest city of Indonesia, I know the capability of our sun and its effect on my skin. Scientists say that people with dark skin tolerate the sun better than brighter skin does, but it's all LIE. I've become a living victim for my entire life and that's why I can't tolerate too much heat because my fear had always proven true, my skin always gotten super darker after "sunny" holiday. It's not good "dark". Not pretty-tanned like Adriana Lima or Eva Mendes. 

Ehem. But. Flores is too valuable to be ignored. My antipathy to sunlight always defeated by the guarantee of superior scenery. I always wanted to visit Flores, and when it can be accomplished, without thinking, I grabbed my 110 SPF-sunscreen and backpack eagerly. Btw, this was my first trip by ship. We chose the PELNI ship because the flight to Flores was very expensive. Ship trip to Flores from Makassar takes 1 day and it was quite fun actually, especially if you were with a quite a lot of good fellas. You can play cards or any games on board, just be patient though, in the absence of cellphone signal during the day. The ship then announced that they offered us variety of movies to watch together in a watching-room, and it consists of local-horror movies starred by Julia Perez. Seriously.

When we arrived in the land of Flores, our private boat and the sailors had been waiting for us at the harbor to set sail. Our cute boat could hold 15 people and we luckily just had 7 passengers on board. The boat had an upper deck which were the sleeping quarters. There were also two bedrooms under the stair and one shower room. We chose our beds and changed our clothes. When I look off into the distant sea, I already knew I was going to enjoy this trip. The atmosphere was super exciting! We set sail around 11 AM, ready for a four days adventure. Aye aye, captain!

20 November 2015

My Blog: Past, Present, Future

I can remember clearly about the days I start to blog. The idea has been there all along. I was a very busy-minded teen, I always have something in my head that needs to "explode" and the only thing to keep me sane is writing it down or drawing it. Growing up, drawing is not as simple as when I was still a kid. Now it's easier for me to just write. From very "ababil" blogs that contains angers and those silly things of a teenager's life, I finally have a more "proper" place and wise enough to not write anything-too stupid in my blog. Hahahah! Moreover, I made this blog because I simply want to practice my English, and I keep train myself to do so even after a while. Even it is just a book that I like, songs that I listen to, or my boring daily life, my blog has been my personal therapy along these years.

These days, people are getting creative with their blog. I saw many bloggers changed their domains into more "official" web-like blog. Many people makes segmented blogs (travel blog, fashion blog, photography blog, etc) to make it look neat, focus, and fancy. Sometimes I do consider this too, because those kind of blogs are always nice to read and look at. Maybe I will gain more reader/followers in some specific fields if I focus on a topic only, to expand. But, then I realize that I just can't be like that. I am not a segmented person. I do love to travel, but I also love books, music, fashion, movies, and considering the basic reason why did I start to write online:  I need my blog as personal therapy. I write things that I like, things that randomly caught me, and those tearjerking feelings that I will never do/say in real life. My daily life is my kind of future project. Someday, I will look back to everything and read those sh*ts happened and (hopefully) smile. This blog is pure an idealist project. But actually, I love to answer comment even though I am surprised to see someone read my shits. Hahah. They are my amazing silent readers. Hahahah. Happy 6 years guys! If you're still there, please, always be my guest. 

09 July 2015

Pushing the Limit

So, it's not a news. Today, I was just cleaning my cupboard, and I found this black velvet box at the base of it. I saw what's inside and I smiled. It brings me back to the memory and the lesson I took from it: don't limit yourself .